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Vroom Vroom….

toddler traffic jam

A traffic jam…toddler style. I lived in Los Angeles for five years and I know from traffic jams! They never made me smile though, like this toddler traffic jam. Lucas loves to line all his “wheels” up. At 22 months he is already more organized than I will ever be.


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A new take on MILF

We have all heard the term MILF. Mom I’d Like to F**k. What about stepmoms? Are hot stepmoms a SMILF? I thought of that the other and I burst out laughing at the term…SMILF. I have to admit the whole sexy Mom to teenage sons creeps me out!! I like to be attractive, just not to my stepsons and their friends. To my stepsons I would rather be a:

SMILHWD…Stepmom I’d Like to Help With The Dishes

SMILNMWDS…Stepmom I’d Like to Not Make Worry and Drive Safely

SMILSMGG…Stepmom I’d Like to Show My Good Grades

SMILIBCMORWHBA…Stepmom I’d Like to Impress By Cleaning My Own Room Without Having to Be Asked

Now that sounds exciting!

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There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe…

SICIS high heel bathtub

WAIT!! Hold on a moment while I compose myself. Has anyone seen the tissues? I think I am tearing up. What you are looking at is a picture of an actual bathtub….a beautiful high heel bathtub. SWOON. The tubs are designed in Italy by Sicis,

I love a bath and I love a high heel.

My 3 inch heels pale in comparison to the 5 foot platform heel on these tubs. Just think these tubs won’t make your feet hurt or give you corns and varicose veins. Mama want. Calgon can take you away in this tub for roughly $25,000.

Just imagine, I can look JUST like the woman in the photo above, relaxed and looking out over the Mediterranean Sea at her THREE boys playing calming below in the sand. Three boys who would never dream of disturbing her in her high heel bathtub heaven to tell her both the new puppy and the baby just pooped on the couch, or that they are starving even though they just ate the equivalent of a Honda Accord ten minutes earlier, or that they think someone something smells dead in the reclusive and mysterious neighbor’s backyard. No, in my high heel bathtub heaven everyone (including me) is calm, quiet, clean, and covered in porcelain and rhinestones.

Hold on to your panties, here comes a pic of a tub in pink. I am an old lady and this is a shoe I could definitely live in!

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