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Kid Quotables

Sign of the times in an ipod world…

Reilly: “Meggan, how do you play a CD on the stereo?”

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Happy New Year

Ettore: “Sweetheart, for your New Year’s resolution….I have a list of things for you to work on.”

Meggan: “Is one of them, figure out how to divorce your husband?”

Ettore: “No.”

Meggan: “Then keep the list to yourself.”

Ettore: “I love you.”

Meggan: “I love you too.”

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I’m Baaaaack…

12-19-2009 165

Smile For The Camera

I have been gone, in more ways than one in the last month. Where to start…I really don’t know. All I know is that I am back. My computer took a big crap, right along with the puppy and the baby, and I have been out of commission waaay too long. I tried reasoning with the computer, I put my computer on a “time out”, I tried to ignore the problems my computer was having, I even tried bribing my computer with expensive software all to no avail. I didn’t want to admit that I had to figure out how to send my computer back to HP, I didn’t want to be without my computer, I DIDN’T WANT TO DEAL WITH IT!!!

I buried my head in the sand and just ignored it, hoping like my mommy belly tire, that the computer problems would just magically go away. My belly is still here and until last week so was my computer. In the meantime I slipped farther and farther away from my writing. I didn’t feel like sharing, I didn’t feel the least bit amusing or even mildly witty, and I couldn’t think of anything to say even though plenty was a happenin’. For instance, we got a poop factory of a puppy, Benny. That right there could fill a months worth of blog entires. The daily “guess where the dog pooped now posts, would of kept me laughing for weeks. also celebrated it’s first anniversary, Thanksgiving came with it’s hilarity, and now we are heading into Christmas and like any blended family, there are funny lumps in the batter that are blog worthy.

I just sat and quietly stewed in my unfunny soup all by myself, frustrated and in denial. Finally I relented, and GASP asked for help. My stepson Harrison helped me navigate HP rather seamlessy and Justin, a faboo of a computer technician, has mended all the gaps in the computer, backed everything up, and with a reassuring “you can do it” put me right back in the computer world and blog a way I go.

SOOOO, It’s is Christmas and the triple F’s (forced family functions) are in full bloom. I love it though. I love the holidays and all their madness. I love the lights and that people make extra efforts to make it all pretty. Reilly and I put up lights on the outside of the house (in the rain) and no one cried or had to go to the hospital, we got a Christmas tree and again, no one cried or had to go to the hospital, and I am braving the stores and so far have not cried or sent someone to the hospital. I will be catching up on all the missed Ravazzolo activities.

MUCH LOVE and appreciation from me as we navigate our way to 2010.


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A Disco-licious (And Hysterical) Holiday Video

Merry Christmas…Ravazzolo Style.



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