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Rain Rain Go Away…Come Again Some Other Day

Rain Rain Go AwayIt has been POURING rain in Northern California for the last TWO WEEKS. I LOVE this weather, unfortunately my two year old son and his puppy do not. They have bravely been facing their indoor internment, and with enough Sauvignon Blanc I am surviving as well.

This was the scene today at the sliding glass door with Lucas and Benny. This picture says it all…”Hello outside I miss you!” Lucas and Benny were looking at the water soaked back yard like I look longlingly at my size 4 jeans…we will ever be together again???

I did release them into the wild only to have them both go stand ankle and paw deep in puddles of water. They both became instantly relaxed standing in mud. You just got to roll with it and love it. So is life in the fabulous Haus of Boys.

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Reilly’s Special Salad Dressing

This last summer the whole family vacationed down to the beach in Ventura, California. My amazing friend Monica and her family live in Ventura which is a TERRIFIC town, a hidden Southern California gem for families. It was during that time that my stepsons and their friend Kyle decided to cook for us, no questions asked. I gave the boys cash for groceries, a quick talk about teamwork and lighter fluid safety, said a prayer, and took a nap. When I awoke the boys had created the most fabulous meal of pasta, bread, vegetables, and a salad with the most amazing salad dressing that was Reilly’s own creation. It truly is fabulous, healthy, inexpensive, and most important for busy Moms…easy to make!

Reilly does a fanatastic job in the video re-creating the dressing and is a true pro. He is easy to understand, fluid, and patiently tolerates my bad jokes (he has a lot of practice at that). Hope you enjoy the video and dressing. The recipe is below and please let me know what you think, I would love to post your comments.

On a side note, apparently I need a video shoot stylist. My apron is not tied all the way and I look pregnant or like I am smuggling Hyundais. Neither is the case…my goodness.

Enjoy Kiss The Cook…Happy Eating!


In a large mixing bowl whisk together:

The zest of 1/2 lemon

The juice of 1/2 lemon

1/4 tsp. salt

Pepper to taste

2 tsp. Champagne Vinegar

1/2 tsp. Grey Poupon

1/2 tsp. sugar

2 Tbl. Olive Oil

Pour over salad and toss or use as a dipping sauce for vegetables.

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Thank You Therapy

River Image 3

I tease Ettore that for our second date he took me to a therapist’s office saying “I love her, but can you fix her.” I kid, I kid. However it is somewhat true. Some variation of Ravazzolo has been seeing a therapist since Ettore and I first got together, me being the one who has seen a therapist the whole time. A man I affectionately refer to on this site as Therapist Richard. He is awesome and the the reason I am the happy, non-medicated, loving, kind of calm, somewhat non-neurotic, often dramatic, grateful Stepmom, Mom, and Wife I am today…and I mean it.

I am happpy. I really do love my life with all it’s mis-steps, victories, typos, successes, laughter, and daily grind.

Ettore is always a bit shocked that I am so vocal and open about seeing a therapist. I think people are relieved.

“Thank God she is seeing SOMEONE.”

Rest easy America.

I think it puts people at ease to know that somewhere in an office tucked away a man named Richard with a degree on the wall and wearing a nice sweater is helping me navigate through my brain and life simultaneously.

I feel like I should say, “Don’t worry I have a therapist. This will all be worked out by Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. next week.”

I love it. Therapy has been good for me and it has been good for my family. We all have gone. In fact I used to walk to Richard’s office with Lucas and tell him Mommy is off to Dr. Let It Out and Get Happy. Kind of like a trip to the mental colon therapist. Colon therapy is a different kind of let it out and get happy. However both therapies do make you feel lighter on your feet.

The above photo is an example of the benefits of therapy. We are a step-family. I am the new kid on the block and I made another new kid. No matter how everyone tries to adapt and take the high road from divorce and re-marriage there is emotional fall out, confusion, anger, GUILT. It is a bag of mixed emotions and I have tried to tread lightly and do the right thing. Still, it is good to talk it all out…and out…and out…and out.


Yes, there we all were. Walking down the river the day after Christmas blended up like a Frappucino. Sure Reilly is in the baby’s wagon holding his Dad’s hand while Lucas is the one pulling him, and Ettore and I are so tired we can barely move, and Benny the puppy refuses to pee or poo on the walk because the river is nothing in comparsion to our persian rug, but we are…together. Harrison took the picture and if you could see the photo from the other angle you would see a smile splashed across my face.

We are doing it.


One session at a time.

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Take Yourself To The Store With That

Eric Michael Ankle Boots in "Smog" Leather

Eric Michael Ankle Boots in “Smog” Leather

Feast your eyes on the following marriage of fashion and comfort. I LURVE these boots from Eric Michael. They are delicious for the feet and the eyes….and they look great with skinny jeans.

I came into these wonders because, in a nutshell, I was feeling veeerrryyy sorry for myself. I was having a hard go of it emotionally and I couldn’t quite shake my funk. I loathe feeling sorry for myself and usually snap out of it fairly quickly. None of my go to aides were helping though…not even a dose of Oprah magazine could shake it. I even resorted to my emergency “feel better”…bacon. It’s true, usually some processed pork products have me doing the happy dance, but this time not even some applewood smoked bacon had me cutting even the slightest rug.

I was desperate.

When I had succeeded in making everyone around me as miserable as I was, Ettore jumped into action. He was going to save the day.

“Do you want to go out to dinner?”


“Do you want to watch Golden Girls?”


“Do you want to go to the gym?”


“Do you want to play “winter cabin?” (That’s where I pretend it’s snowing outside and we light candles and snuggle. It’s very adorable).

“NO!” (my not so adorable response)

“Do you want to go look for a new pair of boots?”

“What did you just say?”

A smile crept across my face, my heart skipped a beat, my vagina even twitched (oh hush, you know it’s true. It happens to you to when you score AMAZING footwear. If not buy these boots…you’ll see).

YYYYYEEEESSSS!!! New boots, new boots, new boots. My husband was a genius. I love boots! How could you not love boots…they are like kyrptonite to a crappy mood. It is impossible to feel bad in boots.

Off I went and I found this pair of Eric Michael’s Soho boots. They are so soft and different than what is out there and so very very very comfortable. The buttons are a hammered metallic and the premium leather is so supple. The zipper is on the side and there is small padding on the insole. They were on the pricey side, but I found a great deal on the boots at (click on boot photo for link) and I wear them practically everyday chasing around a pooping puppy and three boys. My feet are never uncomfortable. The Soho also comes in tan, black, and brown.

Eric Michael Boots are made in Spain so you get to feel very international and Euro without having to be French or smoke cigarettes. The designer also named the line after his son which melts my Mom heart and makes me go “OOOHHHH, how cute!” SWOON. I get a ton of compliments on these boots and my family has complimented me on my change in attitude.

I still would like to do the bacon happy dance though…in my new boots of course.

*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

You Gotta Raise Them Right

Lucas loves to dance and he loves his Auntie Lady Gaga. We dance everyday together and Lucas is VERY particular about his music He likes B-I-N-G-O, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, and Paparazzi by Lady Gaga (obviously where my DNA takes over). Speaking of gifts from his Mother, check out Lucas eating a chocolate chip cookie while dancing.

My boy.

You’re welcome Lucas.

Keep an eye out for our faithful audience of one, the puppy Benny makes a cameo as he looks on through the mirror.


My Faboo TV Reel

Just spent mucho dinero and seven hours of my life updating my television reel…and IT WAS WORTH IT. I love it!! My previous television reel was in bad need of some love and I wanted to include the new Kiss The Cook video series I am doing with Ettore.

This is my 2010 gift to my self, more of what I love and I love working in television and the arts. This reel is being shipped off to QVC as they are looking for new hosts…a dream job…swoon. Plus Oprah is discontinuing her show in the next year and a half. Somebody has to let Tom Cruise jump on their couch and the kids already jump on mine so I figure what do I have to lose.

I am very proud of my work in this reel as I feel that the video is true to who I am and what I feel I represent. In the end being true to your voice is all that matters…a great job at QVC never hurt a girl though.

Any readers know anybody at QVC (or Oprah) I shamelessly ask to put a good word in for me!

QVC…Oprah…call me.

Much love,


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