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Welcome to My name is Meggan Rush-Ravazzolo and I am an over educated – under medicated Mom and Stepmom in Northern California. Before Momhood I was a television reporter, actress, model, stand-up comedian, UCLA graduate from the school of Theater, Film, and Televison, and single girl about town with a good memory, flat stomach, and perky breasts. All that is gone now.

This wonderful, crazy and flabby adventure into Mommyhood began ten years ago while working on a television segment. That is where I met my future husband, the show’s guest chef of the day, Ettore Ravazzolo. Ettore is a Swiss born pastry chef, 20 years older than me, owns a famous (and delicious) European bakery/restaurant ( and is the Father of two boys. I asked for something out of the ordinary and I got it! I immediately fell in love with all three and two years after meeting I married Ettore, as well as instantly becoming a Stepmom to Ettore’s two awesome boys: Harrison (now 21) and Reilly (now 18).

Ravazzolo Family

Shortly after we were married (and one questionable tangerine colored nighty later), our son Lucas was conceived.

This is the story of our blended family, fashion, food, information, and FUN!  Hope you like the site, gain something valuable from the content, and laugh at our stories as much as we laugh and love living them.

Recently has been featured on (ELF Cosmetics),,,,,, and The Sacramento Bee in addition to advertising with

One last thought, people often ask me what the words spell in my star logo.   The words that make up the star I identify with my family…they are Laugh, Family, Love, Live, and Shine.

Yours in fabulousness,


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