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My Faboo TV Reel

Just spent mucho dinero and seven hours of my life updating my television reel…and IT WAS WORTH IT. I love it!! My previous television reel was in bad need of some love and I wanted to include the new Kiss The Cook video series I am doing with Ettore.

This is my 2010 gift to my self, more of what I love and I love working in television and the arts. This reel is being shipped off to QVC as they are looking for new hosts…a dream job…swoon. Plus Oprah is discontinuing her show in the next year and a half. Somebody has to let Tom Cruise jump on their couch and the kids already jump on mine so I figure what do I have to lose.

I am very proud of my work in this reel as I feel that the video is true to who I am and what I feel I represent. In the end being true to your voice is all that matters…a great job at QVC never hurt a girl though.

Any readers know anybody at QVC (or Oprah) I shamelessly ask to put a good word in for me!

QVC…Oprah…call me.

Much love,


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I’d Like To Thank The Academy…


OMG YA’LL!  I recently received my first ever blog award.  I am always thrilled to read someone likes my stuff and am incredibly flattered to hear back from people.  The blog award is called “I have a wickedly awesome blog” and is from a website called  Love the award design and anything that uses the word wicked.  Erin is a pole dance class taking, martial arts studying,  blogging and media lovin’ stepmom.  Basically she is “people” and I am sure we are related.  Her website is great for moms, stepmoms, and anyone who loves a good story and read.  The following text is from Erin’s interview with me and taken directly from her website I was/am really touched that Erin chose for her award.  Stepmoms unite!


Perhaps it’s my uber geeky-job as a web and social media mistress; or maybe it’s because I designed my own site and have serious blog envy, but whenever I see awesome blog designs with incredibly witty women behind them I feel like handing out an award.

I didn’t have enough to do the other day so I decided to create my own award: The Wickedly Awesome Blog Award. (See fancy blog award badge above designed by yours truly). I wanted to create something that combined the snark of the wicked stepmom myth with witty prose and cool web treatments. The Wickedly Awesome Stepmom Award isn’t just an award to spotlight stepmoms; it’s an award for their blogs as well. I’m in constant awe of the cool widgets and designs I find on everyone’s sites so I wanted to honor that in addition to great content.

 Believe it or not, I already have our inaugural recipient: Meggan R. of You can see her blog snapshot below, but I highly advise you check her blog out and subscribe — stat. Meggan is HILARIOUS. She’s incredibly witty and charming and yet so completely normal. She’s both a mom and a stepmom and wrote her first blog about her vagina (I’m telling ya, she’s a total hoot so scurry over now and reader her blog….go ahead…..I’ll wait. Just make sure you come back here okay?)

Whew…You came back.

I asked Megan to tell us a little bit about herself and her blog for those reading at home and desperate to learn more about Ms. Wickedly Awesome Blog Award winner.

Can you describe your blog/website?
My website is blend of many aspects of my blended family. I say that my website is “finding the funny and fabulous in family.” At the heart of the site is funny and light hearted takes on all the wonderful trials and tribulations of family life. I also have a style page called Super Style and I am very excited about my video cooking page I professionally record in my home kitchen with my husband, who is a European pastry chef. It is called Kiss The Cook.

Describe your stepfamily.
I have two amazing and well bribed teenage stepsons age 16 and 13. I also have a toddler boy who is 19 months old, also bribed, but with cookies. My husband Ettore is from Switzerland, and is twenty years older than me. We have been together five and a half years, married for three, speaking for two.

How long have you been blogging?
I have been blogging 8 months. My first post was Dec 3rd, 2008. It was about my vagina, the thing that got this whole blogging thing started when I delivered my son.

What prompted you to start a blog?
Being a parent of three boys I had a lot of free time and thought I could make a lot of money blogging…lol. No really what started me blogging was the encouragement of friends and family. I was emailing funny stories about my family that I had written. My emails were being forwarded on to other people. Eventually I began to get emails back from people I didn’t even know saying they liked my stories. People began asking me to blog. I had NO idea what a blog was. My stepson Harrison had to tell me and show me a few blogs. He and my other stepson Reilly call me “Techno Rocky”, because they say I am from the technological Stone Age.

Did your blog evolve into a Stepmom blog or start out as a Stepmom blog?
My blog was always a family blog that incorporated married life, my stepsons, step-parenting and my baby.

What do you find the most challenging about being a Stepmom blogger?
For me the most challenging thing about being a stepmom blogger is editing and leaving out material that is personal concerning my stepsons. I made a promise to myself that I would be wide open on my blog and not edit MYSELF, but I found almost immediately that I really had to be careful what I write about the boys.   Out of respect I edit what they are experiencing and what we as a family, or me personally, might be going through that is deeply sensitive in nature concerning them. My stepsons read my blog, as well and their Mother, and her friends and family. As much as I might want to “vent” in the blog about step-parenting I save that for therapy and try to blog mostly about funny and touching stories about the whole family.

What do you find the most challenging about being a Stepmom in general?
I LOVE being a Stepmom, but the most challenging thing for me is to be seen as “just” the stepmom, or the “new wife.” I do plenty of homework with my stepsons, celebrate their victories, dry their tears, clean up their throw-up, give hugs and encouragement, laugh with them, worry about them, drive them places all hours of the day, take the boys to and from practice, work to pay the bills for them, ride bikes with them, feed them, and love them…and the list goes on. I want to be a great stepmom and a positive adult in my stepsons’ life. It can be hard to be on the outside looking in. When I let others get me down, all I have to do is spend time with my stepsons and realize my great relationship with them is all that matters, not what others think. Until I found the stepmom blogs out there I felt so isolated, like the only stepmom on the block. The beauty of blogging is that is completely opened my eyes to the wonderful stepmom community of women who are wonderful, dynamic, and caring stepmoms who GIVE A DAMN and are going through so much of the same thing I am.  I really appreciate the stepmom community and am honored to be a part of it.

Who designed your blog and would you recommend them again?
My blog and logo was designed by a wonderful web and logo design firm called Zest Studios. I would HIGHLY recommend them!! They are extremely talented and creative, patient with me beyond belief, and professional. I had a million and one ideas swirling around in my head and they turned it all into the beautiful website, logo, business card, and stationary I have today. Zest Studios can work with you on projects both big and small.

Favorite social networking tool?I currently twitter at meggansamom

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