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Back Away From The Elmo…

Benny and Elmo

Elmo is a rock star in this house, everybody loves him.  An instance to score a personal cuddle with Elmo without interruption from a 2 1/2-year-old is a moment to treasure and protect.  Benny was giving me the “back away from the Elmo stare.”  I wouldn’t dream of interfering.

Who Turned Out The Lights?

Where did everybody go?

Where did everybody go?

Benny the puppy.  No matter how many times you tell them not to stick their head in the Kleenex box, they never listen.  Lucas came to the rescue and finally pulled the box off of Benny’s head, only to then pull out the rest of the Kleenexes and throw them on the floor.  They are a team.

Puppy Love


Nice boots make me sleepy

Benny the puppy loves pooping on the Persian rug, chasing squirrels, sitting on laps, and chewing on expensive shoes and accessories.  This is a photo of Benny in a deep sleep cuddled up to my black knee high boots.  He loves them.  He also loves all things expensive and fashionable.  My list of expensive and fashionable things has diminished greatly since having children, but the few items I still possess Benny likes too.  Benny likes to chew on my Isaac Mizrahi maroon patent leather boots that I am to be buried in.  Benny loves to run down the hall with my Eric Micheal boots trailing from his mouth full of puppy slobber.  Benny loves to nap directly on my Dansko knee high boots…see photo above.  In fact his favorite place to sleep is in my closet next to the shoe rack.  

Benny is a puppy fashionista.

My good friend Katrena Rochell is an amazing actress from London.  She was in Los Angeles recently to promote the new film she is in called Kick Ass, starring Nicholas Cage.  Since Katrena lives in London I rarely get to see her.  When she was unexpectedly in Los Angeles I jumped in the car with Benny and we went for a quick two day trip. 

Just enough time for Benny to love on her Gucci heels and Chanel watch.

I was horrified.

Relaxing in his dog bed, Benny happily gnawed on one of Kat’s Gucci designer heels.  I would of got a picture, except I screamed when I saw him chewing on the shoe and he dropped the heel.  I offered to get a loan and borrow against my house to pay to have the shoe repaired, but Kat graciously said it was no big deal, she loves dogs and understands.   As I was putting her heel away don’t think I didn’t secretly try and stuff my size 9.5″ hoof in Kat’s 7.5″ Gucci heel…when in Rome.

Kat must REALLY love dogs, because not more than one hour later Benny had jumped on the couch and got a hold of Kat’s GEORGEOUS white Chanel watch on the side table and was licking away at it’s diamonds.  I hoped it was water proof.  Again more apologies, screaming, and a new one….anxiety and stress sweat on my part.   Kat just laughed, plucked the Chanel watch from Benny’s mouth and graciously replied ”it’s no big deal.”  Kat must think I have some juicy dirt on her from “back in the day” because she was so great about the whole thing.  I think I am going to go with that.  Meanwhile  Benny’s dog toys lay ignored to the side.  No rawhide bone,  Puperoni stick, or stuffed animal compared to high fashion.

We have to hide all my nice boots.  I don’t have the heart to tell Benny though, that the boots he is chewing on…they are so last season. 

Get your own Lady

Don’t even think about wearing these boots

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