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A Zen Moment

Lucas and The TractorSomtimes a picture DOES speak a thousand words.

Chocolate Chip Goodness

I love this video! It was one of those perfect unplanned moments.  I had just finished getting Lucas’ two-year-old pictures taken and we were on our way out when I decided to stop and get us a chocolate chip cookie and milk to share.  Lucas got it everywhere, rightfully so, after being dressed up in a button down shirt for waaaay longer than any two-year-old should have to.   Usually about 30 seconds is Luke’s max.   This video makes me smile, pure toddler joy.  Even today, for me there is nothing better than a little milk and cookies.  Like Mother like son.


Lessons I Have Learned (and Some I Have Re-Learned) From My Toddler

1.  A little ketchup never hurt anybody.

2.  An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but sometimes milk and cookies are just what the doctor ordered.

3.  Cats REALLY don’t like to have their tails pulled.

4.  Getting really really dirty and muddy can be really really fun.

5.  Sometimes using your words doesn’t work and the best thing to do is scream, cry, and get all that frustration out…and then take a nap with a nice blanket.  You’ll feel better when you wake up.

6.  It’s awesome and exciting when Daddy comes home from work.

7.  Peas are GROSS…even with ketchup.

8.  Find joy in the little things daily, i.e. a pretty flower, a cool rock on the ground, a stick shaped like a sword, getting to play in the front seat of the car, sun on your face, wind in the trees, jumping on the bed when Mommy is not looking, flushing the toilet just cuz…

9.  Listen to your Mother, she generally knows what’s best for you…even if you are a Mother.

Dear Stepsons,

I know you read my blog, mostly at school, but I won’t complain at least you ARE reading and I could use the hit count. It seems my charger for my iphone has gone missing. Now I don’t want to jump to conclusions and ASSUME that one of my very sweet stepsons borrowed my iphone charger without asking and did not put it back. Assuming would be out of line….it’s just that I know you both have ipods attached to your ears at all times and your Dad wouldn’t know an iphone charger if it hit him in the head. SOOO that really leaves one of you two.

Let’s take a minute and re-visit the time not too long ago when I brought a bottle of super glue into the house to repair our KOA camping mug. The mug never ended up getting repaired because the super glue went missing and all the scissors ended up getting glued together. I don’t want to point fingers, but again the suspect list was short at two. After a failed shakedown to find the serial gluer I enacted a don’t tell…just return policy for the glue…and remember…it worked. The superglue, minus one lid (details), was returned to the cabinet no questions asked. I think I will return to that policy.

I don’t care who has my iphone charger or what the dramatic teenage story is as to how it was borrowed and not returned…just return it to my office and we can all go on with our lives…no questions asked. Returning my charger is your chance NOT to get a lecture, a family meeting, or the always painful family discussion at the dinner table.

P.S. I have started dieting so I would advise the charger be returned before a carb craving kicks in. It safest for all that way.


Your Stepmom

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He Didn’t Get It From Me

There are many things of mine that were transferred to my son Lucas through the DNA.

1.  The ability to laugh at our own jokes…despite the strong realization that we are the only ones who think we are funny.

2.  The ability to look good in black and wear it year round.

3.  A deep and sincere appreciation for food dipped in ketchup.

4.  A hatred for wearing jackets.

5.  Dancing when the food gets delivered in restaurants.

HOWEVER where the DNA splits off is at housework.  I hate housework and LUCAS LOVES TO CLEAN.  He loves to sweep, mop, dust bust, and he will even dump over his own water just so he can grab a towel and clean it up. 

What Lucas REALLY loves to do though is vacuum.   Vacuum in the morning.  Vacuum in the  afternoon.  Vacuum in the evening.  Vacuum at Nana’s.  Vacuum at Mommy and Me.  Vacuum – vacuum – vacuum.  First thing when Lucas gets up in the morning, while I am still bleary eyed and puffy from sleep and contemplating the choices I have made in life, Lucas has RUN to the closet and is demanding that I get the vacuum out.

Sometimes I just throw stuff on the floor so he can go vacuum it up. 

People think I am doing an awesome job with Lucas “training” him to help with chores, but it just comes naturally.  When people comment on Lucas’ cleaning I can honestly tell them…

“He gets it from his Father.”

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Rain Rain Go Away…Come Again Some Other Day

Rain Rain Go AwayIt has been POURING rain in Northern California for the last TWO WEEKS. I LOVE this weather, unfortunately my two year old son and his puppy do not. They have bravely been facing their indoor internment, and with enough Sauvignon Blanc I am surviving as well.

This was the scene today at the sliding glass door with Lucas and Benny. This picture says it all…”Hello outside I miss you!” Lucas and Benny were looking at the water soaked back yard like I look longlingly at my size 4 jeans…we will ever be together again???

I did release them into the wild only to have them both go stand ankle and paw deep in puddles of water. They both became instantly relaxed standing in mud. You just got to roll with it and love it. So is life in the fabulous Haus of Boys.

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You Gotta Raise Them Right

Lucas loves to dance and he loves his Auntie Lady Gaga. We dance everyday together and Lucas is VERY particular about his music He likes B-I-N-G-O, Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed, and Paparazzi by Lady Gaga (obviously where my DNA takes over). Speaking of gifts from his Mother, check out Lucas eating a chocolate chip cookie while dancing.

My boy.

You’re welcome Lucas.

Keep an eye out for our faithful audience of one, the puppy Benny makes a cameo as he looks on through the mirror.


Vroom Vroom….

toddler traffic jam

A traffic jam…toddler style. I lived in Los Angeles for five years and I know from traffic jams! They never made me smile though, like this toddler traffic jam. Lucas loves to line all his “wheels” up. At 22 months he is already more organized than I will ever be.


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Kid Quotables

“Dad, I don’t understand why I can’t have a t.v. in my room…even PRISONERS get their own t.v.’s!!!!”


Show Me The Money

My stepsons and I get along great.  Everyone always asks what my secret is.  For instance people want to know what books about step-parenting am I reading?  Do I set boundaries?  How do I discipline?  How do I do what I do and have the relationship I do with my stepsons?  I am here to give you the answer.   No books, no drama, no problems.  

The key to your stepchildren’s heart is CASH!

Example, watch video above.

Every time I see this video I just crack up.  The boys are great!


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