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Kid Quotables

Lessons learned as a 7th Grader…

Reilly:  “Meggan, you were right…I did learn a lot as a 7th grader.”

Meggan:  (Puffed with pride)  “Reilly…good for you!  What did you learn?”

Reilly:  “Three things.”

Meggan:  “Math, English, or Science?”

Reilly:  “None of the above.”

Meggan:  (uh-oh)

Reilly: ”I learned”…

1.  “Don’t argue with 7th grade teachers because they are really tired and will pretty much always give you detention.”

2.  ”Don’t get mad at your older brother and punch a wall, because you will break your hand and have to wear a cast that smells funny.”

3.  ”Don’t light matches near a gas tank because it will piss all the adults of really bad and they will FREAK OUT and say you could burn the house down.”

Meggan:  “Well as long as you learned something.”

Reilly:  “I did!  I can’t wait for 8th grade!”

Kid Quotables

Sign of the times in an ipod world…

Reilly: “Meggan, how do you play a CD on the stereo?”

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Kid Quotables

In the car after buying my nephew an electric guitar…

Jordan:  ”Auntie Meggan, my electric guitar wasn’t made in China…the sticker says HAND CRAFTED IN CHINA.”

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