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My Favorite Thing


Ok…where to start with this song.  The singer is a good friend of mine, Stewart Eastham.  We go way way way back.  Size 2 back.  I met Stewart in Davis back when I was a mere 20 years old.  We ran around together a bit in his old 280 ZX, smoked cigarettes, watched Twin Peaks, drank beer and listened to music.  Then Stewart graduated and I ran off to Lake Tahoe to be a black jack dealer.

Through the years we have maintained a friendship and when I moved to L.A. Stewart was also there.  We ran around a bit again, smoked cigarettes, drank beer and listened to music.

It was during that time that Stewart met my crazy ass roommate and soul sister Katrena Rochell (my stories with her are a website in and of themselves).  Anyway they connected, disconnected and about four years ago made a soul connection and have been together ever since.  She is an actress and a Filmmaker and he is a musician.  They both now live together in Nashville.

I adore this video and song.  Katrena shot it and it is Stewart’s music.  The song is about me Katrena.  Watch for her cameo in the white floppy hat.  I love them both.   My Favorite Thing.

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