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Take Yourself To The Store With That

Eric Michael Ankle Boots in "Smog" Leather

Eric Michael Ankle Boots in “Smog” Leather

Feast your eyes on the following marriage of fashion and comfort. I LURVE these boots from Eric Michael. They are delicious for the feet and the eyes….and they look great with skinny jeans.

I came into these wonders because, in a nutshell, I was feeling veeerrryyy sorry for myself. I was having a hard go of it emotionally and I couldn’t quite shake my funk. I loathe feeling sorry for myself and usually snap out of it fairly quickly. None of my go to aides were helping though…not even a dose of Oprah magazine could shake it. I even resorted to my emergency “feel better”…bacon. It’s true, usually some processed pork products have me doing the happy dance, but this time not even some applewood smoked bacon had me cutting even the slightest rug.

I was desperate.

When I had succeeded in making everyone around me as miserable as I was, Ettore jumped into action. He was going to save the day.

“Do you want to go out to dinner?”


“Do you want to watch Golden Girls?”


“Do you want to go to the gym?”


“Do you want to play “winter cabin?” (That’s where I pretend it’s snowing outside and we light candles and snuggle. It’s very adorable).

“NO!” (my not so adorable response)

“Do you want to go look for a new pair of boots?”

“What did you just say?”

A smile crept across my face, my heart skipped a beat, my vagina even twitched (oh hush, you know it’s true. It happens to you to when you score AMAZING footwear. If not buy these boots…you’ll see).

YYYYYEEEESSSS!!! New boots, new boots, new boots. My husband was a genius. I love boots! How could you not love boots…they are like kyrptonite to a crappy mood. It is impossible to feel bad in boots.

Off I went and I found this pair of Eric Michael’s Soho boots. They are so soft and different than what is out there and so very very very comfortable. The buttons are a hammered metallic and the premium leather is so supple. The zipper is on the side and there is small padding on the insole. They were on the pricey side, but I found a great deal on the boots at (click on boot photo for link) and I wear them practically everyday chasing around a pooping puppy and three boys. My feet are never uncomfortable. The Soho also comes in tan, black, and brown.

Eric Michael Boots are made in Spain so you get to feel very international and Euro without having to be French or smoke cigarettes. The designer also named the line after his son which melts my Mom heart and makes me go “OOOHHHH, how cute!” SWOON. I get a ton of compliments on these boots and my family has complimented me on my change in attitude.

I still would like to do the bacon happy dance though…in my new boots of course.

*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post. The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

There Was An Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe…

SICIS high heel bathtub

WAIT!! Hold on a moment while I compose myself. Has anyone seen the tissues? I think I am tearing up. What you are looking at is a picture of an actual bathtub….a beautiful high heel bathtub. SWOON. The tubs are designed in Italy by Sicis,

I love a bath and I love a high heel.

My 3 inch heels pale in comparison to the 5 foot platform heel on these tubs. Just think these tubs won’t make your feet hurt or give you corns and varicose veins. Mama want. Calgon can take you away in this tub for roughly $25,000.

Just imagine, I can look JUST like the woman in the photo above, relaxed and looking out over the Mediterranean Sea at her THREE boys playing calming below in the sand. Three boys who would never dream of disturbing her in her high heel bathtub heaven to tell her both the new puppy and the baby just pooped on the couch, or that they are starving even though they just ate the equivalent of a Honda Accord ten minutes earlier, or that they think someone something smells dead in the reclusive and mysterious neighbor’s backyard. No, in my high heel bathtub heaven everyone (including me) is calm, quiet, clean, and covered in porcelain and rhinestones.

Hold on to your panties, here comes a pic of a tub in pink. I am an old lady and this is a shoe I could definitely live in!

Spanx That Ass

spanx1[1]“I haven’t left the house without Lycra on these thighs since I was fourteen.”

- Truvy from Steel Magnolias played by Dolly Parton.

I am in LOVE.  A heated, passionate, public display of affection, hold me in right all night love affair with my Spanx Body Shaper.  

I was a body shaper virgin before I Spanxed for the first time.  I was preparing for a friend’s wedding and I looked more like the sausage of honor than the maid of honor.  I took myself to Nordstrom and shyly asked the sales associate to help me and to be gentle.  Would wearing a shaper hurt anything besides my ego?  Would I feel different…more like a woman?   Would people be able to tell just by looking at me that I had “done it” and bought and wore a body shaper?  Like any virgin I needed a tender touch, some patience, and someone to go slow and make me feel comfortable. 

The sales associate quickly dispelled any fears and fit me with the amaze-balls Higher Power Spanx Shaper that held it all in from below my breast bone to my mid thigh.  Without being squeezed in and uncomfortable I looked like I lost 10 pounds and felt amazing.  My muffin top had finally met it’s match!  Spanx work great for us Moms too, as it holds in and smooths down the post-pregnancy belly. 

There are also so many Spanx shapers and options to choose from AND Spanx has also come out with a budget friendly line of shapers called Assets.  I am singing Spanx praises from the mountain tops and so are a lot of other women.  Seems like wherever I go, ladies are proudly displaying their Spanx shapers.  I was married in Spanx, I wear Spanx with jeans and this weekend I have a high school reunion, so you know Mama went and bought herself a brand new pair.  I love them.

With Spanx you are ready for the party and when you wear Spanx you feel like you are having a party in your pants.

*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post.  The views and opinions expressed here are my own.

Mama Love

Cereal on the go

Mama Loves


Click above for more information on the EZ-Freeze Cereal on the Go










Just came across this portable cereal container at a Vons in Southern California and I LOVE IT.  It is called the EZ-Freeze Cereal on the Go. Have I been living under a rock?  Where has this portable gem been hiding all my life?

This thing is amazing.

Perfect for back to school, or the office, or anywhere.

How it works.  The container has two parts.  The bottom container has a layer of freezer gel coating that, when frozen, keeps milk or yogurt or really any product cold for up to four hours.   The top portion is a dry storage compartment for carrying cereal, granola etc.  The lid comes with a portable spoon that attaches to the top.  All three screw together to make a great portable breakfast carrier to go for the kidlets or yourself.

I knew the product was a winner when I brought the EZ freeze container home and both my stepsons and their friend Kyle gave it an announcement of  ”cool.”

I give it twenty minutes before the container goes missing courtesy of the thieving hands of my stepsons and ends up in someone’s backpack for school.  That’s when you know you have a winner…when the kids steal your stuff.

The EZ-freeze products are available online and major retailers including select Vons in Southern California or Safeway in Northern California.


*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post.  The views expressed here are my own.

Exciting News


I am now an official beauty blogger for Elf Cosmetics!!  Elf Cosmetics is based out of New York and their claim to fame is inexpensive YET QUALITY hypo-allergenic make-up for $1.00.  Elf also has an inexpensive mineral make-up line starting at $5.00.  Elf is able to keep their prices low by keeping packaging to a minimum and doing a majority of their marketing through the internet.  Their products are no cheap one night stand either, the line is loaded with fantastic items (check out the lip gloss) and Elf Cosmetics has been featured in many national magazines like Glamour, Allure, and my bible – Oprah Magazine!!

I will be contributing to their beauty blog by writing about other great and affordable style finds for Moms.   This is great exposure and an amazing opportunity…so give Elf a try, check me out on their website under beauty blogs, and make sure you tell them Meggan from sent you.

Yours in fabulousness,


Edgy…and Adorable


I just bought this little black and white painting at an outdoor street fair this weekend for only $15.00.  I was really taken by the painting.  To me, it represented a Mother flower bending to look over her baby flower, which was standing tall and proud.  I just love it.  So simple, yet beautiful.

The artist is a Mom, Megan Gunter, and she has a company called In Between Dreams. You can check out more of her artwork at She is new to running the website, so she will be posting more artwork soon.  Hopefully she will post her Bubble Tree Painting (I love it).  It is not posted because her daughter adored it so much she has it for her room.  Not for long…

I liked the LOVE painting as well. Megan had a child’s name painted in the same way and it looked great.  An artistic take on the simple idea of putting your child’s name on the bedroom wall.  If you are interested in ordering a custom name painting then email Megan at  Megan is also willing to modify the black and white flower painting by adding more “baby” flowers.  Megan’s artwork really is something special.  It’s an edgy take on  ”peace and love”, it’s handmade, and reasonably priced.  Check it out and tell Megan, the other Meggan from sent you.

*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post.  The views expressed here are my own.

Quitting Heroin Would Be Easier


“They tried to make me go to rehab; I said No, No, No!” – Singer Amy Winehouse

If there was a rehab for Fran’s Salted Caramels then I would refuse to go.  I am a junkie.  I am a complete crack head caramel head. As the saying goes in AA, “One is too many, 1,000 never enough.”  These babies are delicious and the best candy I have ever tasted.  They come BEAUTIFULLY packaged as well. The boxes and ribbon are very high end.  I am telling you, the thought of these salted chocolate caramels keeps me up at night, almost as much as Lucas, my baby.

My husband’s bakery started carrying Fran’s Salted Caramels off and on a little while ago.  This product is one of the very few things Ettore brings in “from the outside.”  Virtually EVERYTHING we makes at Ettore’s (his bakery) is handmade in house, from the pastries to cookies and cakes.  For Ettore to bring chocolate in it really has to be exceptional, (with the exception of Christmas when we bring in little plastic polar bears that poop chocolate covered raisins.  Tis the season).

We went to dinner last night at the bakery and as we were leaving I spotted the caramels at the register.

That gorgeous packaging.

That beautiful ribbon. I was home.

I screamed out loud (like I used to scream for Tom Cruise before he went crazy) and I snatched a box right off the counter.  Harrison, my stepson, replied with an, “OH BOY, here we go again.”  He still hadn’t forgot the last time I got my hands on some Fran’s.  I ate TWELVE in a row.  My family fell on the sword for me and finished off the box, just so I would stop. After shaking the box, just to hear the familiar chorus of the caramels chiming inside, I downed two before we even got to the car.  Harrison grabbed the box out of my hands and hid it in the glove box.

Harrison:  “WHOA THERE.  You need to pace yourself.”

Me:  “Harrison, give me that box of caramels.”  I was starting to to twitch.

Harrison:  “You can have them back after we get home, you shouldn’t eat those caramels and drive.”

Me:  “Just give me one for the road.”

Harrison:  “No.”

Me:  “Harrison, give me a damn caramel!”

Harrison gave me a caramel and we drove home.  As Harrison gently reminded me about my Weight Watcher’s points and moderation a sound as loud as a 747 rang in my ears and all it screamed was GIVE ME MY FRAN’S SALTED CARAMELS!!  When we got home Harrison forgot to take the caramels out of the glove box.  YES!  I grabbed them out of the glove box and ran inside the house and shook the box of caramels in Harrion’s face yelling, “You forgot, HA HA, you can’t stop me NOW!!”  Harrison calmly stared at me with the look of a seasoned drug counselor/Dr. Drew.  His face said silently, you’ll quit when your ready.  Well, I’m not ready.  If loving these caramels is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!

Makes a great gift.

For me.

*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post.  The views expressed here are my own.

Faboo Little Black Dress (even if you are not so little)


I just bought this dress from Ann Taylor and I have to say I was pleasantly shocked by how it looked on.  Normally pleating around the waistline results in me being reduced to tears and screaming out, “how could they do this to me…WHY??!!!” I take it completely personal.  Like the desinger is out to get me and is secretly plotting MY fashion demise.  “This will show her…she thinks she can squeeze that stomach into a size 8, HA HA HA HA HA…MORE PLEATING!!”  In my mind it is like a scene from the Wizard of OZ, “I’ll get you my pretty.”   Then the designer rings his hands and throws in a coordinating fitted white t-shirt for some back fat action, just before the flying monkeys swoop in to take me away.

This dress though does an absolutely fabulous job of hiding the post pregnancy, lower belly mommy tire.  It is lined as well.  I am trying my best to get away from wearing all black, but this dress fit camouflaged unusually well and I had to buy it.  I am 5′ 10″, but it would work for women of different heights.

I wore it today to a wedding, but you could also wear it to a funeral, for some they are one in the same.

*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post.  The views expressed here are my own.

Nice Rack

Click here for more information on the IKEA LEKSVIK rack

Click here for more information on the IKEA LEKSVIK shoe rack

Feast your eyes on my latest attempt at organization.  This is is IKEA LEKSVIK shoe rack and I have to say it is great.  It was $99.99, which I was a bit shocked by for a shoe rack at IKEA, but it is sturdy and we already got a few compliments on it.  It has been awhile since any rack I have has been compliment worthy, so I’ll take it!   I like it too because the shoes go in cubbies and they don’t fall all over the place.


*I did not receive a product sample or compensation for this post.  The views expressed here are my own.

A Chandler Original – Not Found In Stores

Ladies, I have just purchased a piece of budding designer greatness.  Witness  an original Chandler duct tape wallet, created by 10-year-old Chandler.  This wallet is one of a kind.  Having this wallet is like having a 3rd grade finger painting by Picasso, or a girl scout scarf knitted by Coco Chanel. 

Ettore and I had gone for a drive after we went to watch Reilly’s basketball game.  We were just driving through neighborhoods not looking for anything special.  As we approached an average  suburban house there stood young Chandler.  He was standing at the end of his driveway holding a little picket sign advertising what I thought was a lemonade stand.  Little did I know lemonade stands were passe when you are a budding young designer. 

Me:  “Are you selling lemonade?”

Chandler: (showing restraint) “um, no.  I am selling duct tape wallets that I created.”

Me:  (also trying to show restraint and not throw myself out of the car)  “ETTORE STOP THE CAR, HE HAS WALLETS!!”   Side note:  I love a good wallet, handbag, or accessory.

So we pulled over and Chandler showed us his Spring 2009 wallet collection.  Selling price $3.00 for one or two for $5.00  Sold!  I took the red one.  When I asked Chandler why he added the silver stripe of duct tape to the red wallet, Chandler patiently replied, “to break up the red of course.” 

Of course, my bad. 


I love this wallet and I actually use it to hold my receipts.  Every time I use it, it makes me smile. We went to leave, and Chandler went back to work selling his wallets.  As we turned to drive around the corner Chandler called out,  “Be sure to come back next week…I’m making matching duct tape purses!!” 

Bless you my child.

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