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Milk Does A Body Good

Lucas and Milk Carton

Uh-Oh…She see me

I live with all boys.  I call our house the Haus of Boys.  One husband, two teenage stepsons, one male toddler, and one boy puppy.   I even think our one lone plant we have is a boy.  The plant was a gift from a neighbor for Christmas and while the plant has grown big and strong…it has yet to flower.  I swear it is a boy plant, or just a girl plant slowly dying (and sprouting chin hairs) under the pressure of all the male testosterone in the house.

When I got pregnant I put in a request to Jesus.  I said,  ”Jesus. It’s Meggan.  I am so grateful and blessed to be pregnant and of course a healthy child is all that matters…BUT Jesus…I would like to put in a small request.  Being surrounded by the wonderful husband and stepsons I have in my life, my tank is all filled up on boy.  My girl tank however is empty.  Is is possible to order up a nice and quiet baby girl?”

Jesus being Jesus, and I am sure very busy, must not of got my message, or he has a wicked sense of humor because I got…Lucas.  I AM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE MY BABY AND I LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART, but not only is he not a girl, he is the boy of all boys.  There is not one quiet or delicate bone is his body.  He runs, he jumps, he throws, he hates to be inside, loves to be dirty, loud, funny, on the go, messy, exploring, chasing, never ever ever sit still, and as of today, boy who drinks out of the milk carton!

He just turned  two-years-old.

The boy gene runs deep.

Wecome to the family.

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