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Thank You Jean

My friend just died.   She was 82 and she was everybody’s friend, or I should say everybody wanted to be her friend.

Jean Runyon.

She was powerful woman with a resume and charm that was envied.  Accomplished actress, founder of powerful public relations firm, philanthropist, woman of the year, woman on the decade, … and the list goes on.

Jean was intelligent, lovable, shrewd, calculating, successful, funny, and deadly serious.  Behind her Carol Channing funny lady with a brain that could stop you in your tracks.

I had the privilege to know Jean in the final years of her life. She adored my husband and through Ettore and our good friend Eric, I got to know Jean in the last years of her life.

Despite being in her 80′s, Jean came to see my in the play The Vagina Monologues.  She didn’t mind the sirens outside the theater, the dingy seating, or my bad New Jersey accent.  She clapped the loudest and took me for champagne afterwords, praising everything about my performance.  Jean was always encouraging me to continue in the arts and was delighted when I started this blog.  Every time I went to see her in the hospital she asked how my website was going. 

 About 6 months when I went to visit Jean I asked her a piece of advice.   I had contacted a cosmetics company that I liked in New York called ELF Cosmetics inquiring if they could use a mommy perspective on their cosmetics blog.  ELF wrote back and said they were interested in my writing and they wanted my best writing sample.  Here was my dilemma, my best writing sample happened to be about my vagina and post-birth vagina surgery.  Doesn’t exactly make you want to jump up and buy lipstick.

I went to Jean with advice about my dilemma.  Send a cosmetics company a writing sample about my “down there parts” or send them something less risque and watered down?

Jean then gave me the best piece of advice ever.

She said, “Never live in fear.  Go big.  Never compromise your voice…AND IF THEY DON’T LIKE YOUR VAGINA…THEN SCREW THEM!  You don’t want to write for the anyway!”

I went home and I folled Jean’s advice.  I sent a ELF my funny story about my beat-up, tore up from the floor up, sewed up vagina….AND THEY LOVED IT!

That post got the ball rolling.  In addition to writing for ELF cosmetics I also write for, and…and more to come.  My site continues to grow and I will always remember the words of advice Jean gave me and I took to heart.   Every woman and man should take to heart…be true to you.

THANK YOU JEAN RUNYON, for believing in me, my vagina, my voice.

I’ll never forget you.


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