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Eric Michael Ankle Boots in "Smog" Leather

Eric Michael Ankle Boots in “Smog” Leather

Feast your eyes on the following marriage of fashion and comfort. I LURVE these boots from Eric Michael. They are delicious for the feet and the eyes….and they look great with skinny jeans.

I came into these wonders because, in a nutshell, I was feeling veeerrryyy sorry for myself. I was having a hard go of it emotionally and I couldn’t quite shake my funk. I loathe feeling sorry for myself and usually snap out of it fairly quickly. None of my go to aides were helping though…not even a dose of Oprah magazine could shake it. I even resorted to my emergency “feel better”…bacon. It’s true, usually some processed pork products have me doing the happy dance, but this time not even some applewood smoked bacon had me cutting even the slightest rug.

I was desperate.

When I had succeeded in making everyone around me as miserable as I was, Ettore jumped into action. He was going to save the day.

“Do you want to go out to dinner?”


“Do you want to watch Golden Girls?”


“Do you want to go to the gym?”


“Do you want to play “winter cabin?” (That’s where I pretend it’s snowing outside and we light candles and snuggle. It’s very adorable).

“NO!” (my not so adorable response)

“Do you want to go look for a new pair of boots?”

“What did you just say?”

A smile crept across my face, my heart skipped a beat, my vagina even twitched (oh hush, you know it’s true. It happens to you to when you score AMAZING footwear. If not buy these boots…you’ll see).

YYYYYEEEESSSS!!! New boots, new boots, new boots. My husband was a genius. I love boots! How could you not love boots…they are like kyrptonite to a crappy mood. It is impossible to feel bad in boots.

Off I went and I found this pair of Eric Michael’s Soho boots. They are so soft and different than what is out there and so very very very comfortable. The buttons are a hammered metallic and the premium leather is so supple. The zipper is on the side and there is small padding on the insole. They were on the pricey side, but I found a great deal on the boots at (click on boot photo for link) and I wear them practically everyday chasing around a pooping puppy and three boys. My feet are never uncomfortable. The Soho also comes in tan, black, and brown.

Eric Michael Boots are made in Spain so you get to feel very international and Euro without having to be French or smoke cigarettes. The designer also named the line after his son which melts my Mom heart and makes me go “OOOHHHH, how cute!” SWOON. I get a ton of compliments on these boots and my family has complimented me on my change in attitude.

I still would like to do the bacon happy dance though…in my new boots of course.

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