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Thank You Therapy

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I tease Ettore that for our second date he took me to a therapist’s office saying “I love her, but can you fix her.” I kid, I kid. However it is somewhat true. Some variation of Ravazzolo has been seeing a therapist since Ettore and I first got together, me being the one who has seen a therapist the whole time. A man I affectionately refer to on this site as Therapist Richard. He is awesome and the the reason I am the happy, non-medicated, loving, kind of calm, somewhat non-neurotic, often dramatic, grateful Stepmom, Mom, and Wife I am today…and I mean it.

I am happpy. I really do love my life with all it’s mis-steps, victories, typos, successes, laughter, and daily grind.

Ettore is always a bit shocked that I am so vocal and open about seeing a therapist. I think people are relieved.

“Thank God she is seeing SOMEONE.”

Rest easy America.

I think it puts people at ease to know that somewhere in an office tucked away a man named Richard with a degree on the wall and wearing a nice sweater is helping me navigate through my brain and life simultaneously.

I feel like I should say, “Don’t worry I have a therapist. This will all be worked out by Wednesday at 11:00 a.m. next week.”

I love it. Therapy has been good for me and it has been good for my family. We all have gone. In fact I used to walk to Richard’s office with Lucas and tell him Mommy is off to Dr. Let It Out and Get Happy. Kind of like a trip to the mental colon therapist. Colon therapy is a different kind of let it out and get happy. However both therapies do make you feel lighter on your feet.

The above photo is an example of the benefits of therapy. We are a step-family. I am the new kid on the block and I made another new kid. No matter how everyone tries to adapt and take the high road from divorce and re-marriage there is emotional fall out, confusion, anger, GUILT. It is a bag of mixed emotions and I have tried to tread lightly and do the right thing. Still, it is good to talk it all out…and out…and out…and out.


Yes, there we all were. Walking down the river the day after Christmas blended up like a Frappucino. Sure Reilly is in the baby’s wagon holding his Dad’s hand while Lucas is the one pulling him, and Ettore and I are so tired we can barely move, and Benny the puppy refuses to pee or poo on the walk because the river is nothing in comparsion to our persian rug, but we are…together. Harrison took the picture and if you could see the photo from the other angle you would see a smile splashed across my face.

We are doing it.


One session at a time.

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